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Why isn’t Israel considered to be evil?

When one of our alleged allies in the Middle East attacks a humanitarian aid mission in international waters (reports indicate the flotilla was more than 70 miles off Israel’s coastline), especially one carrying a survivor of the Holocaust, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and several current or former members of the American diplomatic service, then it is definitely time for the United States to end its previously unconditional support for Israel.

Regardless of who actually fired first; an activist on one of the ships defending against an illegal boarding, which would be considered maritime piracy were the attack not sponsored by government … and should be considered an unlawful act of war as it is … or the Israeli commandos, the attack was and is morally repugnant, and should be condemned by Israel’s allies, just as it will be by her enemies.

TEL AVIV—Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla carrying aid and activists to the blockaded Gaza Strip early Monday, with the Israeli military saying that more than 10 activists were killed in a skirmish aboard one vessel during the operation.

The incident triggered strong condemnation from Israel’s friends and foes alike, and plunged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into his worst diplomatic crisis since taking power early last year. Mr. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington this week, a move that Israeli and U.S. officials hoped would mend a recent rift between the two allies.

The sea battle threatens to mar that visit—if it proceeds at all—with Israeli officials scrambling Monday to fend off a diplomatic barrage over the sea battle from Middle Eastern and European capitals. Israel heightened security across the country on Monday in anticipation of Palestinian demonstrations or other unrest.

via More Than 10 Dead After Israel Intercepts Gaza Aid Convoy –

Perhaps it’s time for the United States and its allies to start imposing military blockades, as well as economic sanctions on the Nation of Israel.

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  1. I’m disappointed to see this on one of my favorite blogs. Full disclosure: I converted to Judaism. I’m on the board of a Jewish community relations committee. I would never argue that Israel is perfect. But the fact remains that no other country (unless you count the United States’ reaction to terrorism and its subsequent actions) is the subject of a de facto or legitimate government mission statement calling for its destruction. Hamas specifically seeks the destruction of Israel and the destruction of all Jews.

    This is in no way a statement of any board I’m on, it is just mine. I bummed to see the position you take here.

    Email me if you want to talk this, bikes, poetry, or something else.

    Keep the rubber side down.

  2. For the record; this post is based entirely on how Israel acts politically and militarily … not religion.

    It also has to do with the seeming idea that because it’s Israel, because of the Holocaust and the murder of more than 6-million Jews (along with countless other minority groups) by the Nazis, then Israel can do no wrong, so the United States must give them unconditional support no matter what they do.

    What Israel did in this case is the equivalent of the United States Navy attacking a flotilla of non-military aid to Cuba, whom we’ve been sanctioning economically for decades, in international waters. These were not military ships, and if there were armed people on board, they certainly weren’t heavily armed; many of the Israeli casualties were from their own weapons.

    There were diplomats and Nobel Prize winners aboard these ships; this wasn’t the Granma bringing Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and the other 80 members of the 26th of July Movement to Cuba to start the revolution.

    I’m not saying that the US should stop supporting Israel, but that we should step back and reexamine our unconditional support … and when Israel fucks up, as they did in this case, there should be repercussions, both politically and economically.

  3. hi,

    sorry for my engish, i just want to tell you that i’m glad to see that there are people in the United States with your critical spirit, able to see beyond the lies of the mass media and enough love for the human life for defeating preconceived ideas.

    thank you for being a complete flahute.

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