More Floyd, another POV

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Floyd Landis the past couple of days … as we all (at least the cyclists in my group of followers) have, I’m sure. Needless to say, most of the commentary from the pundits has been fairly negative against Landis, which I’m beginning to think in many ways can be part of the problem when it comes to doping. I think a lot of people know it happens, but would prefer not to acknowledge it; so they get upset when it gets brought to the forefront.

One of the best commentaries I’ve read, however, is by Adam Myerson, who currently rides on the road for Team Mountain Khakis p/b Jittery Joe’s, and races cyclocross for his own Cycle-Smart team, who has always been outspoken against doping, who sums up his thoughts as follows:

So burn down Babylon. Burn pro cycling down. There will still be racing, there will still be races. Burn it down, so we can build it up again new. I condemn Landis’ original decision to participate in a corrupt, immoral system. But I’ll stand in front of the flames with him and watch it burn.

I’ll shake his smokey hand the next time I see him.

via Pretty Boy Floyd | Cycle-Smart.

It’s a good read … I highly recommend it.