2010 Ride #16

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Felt like complete shit today … think my lungs may have worked better in the 1990s when I was still a smoker … I had multiple people ask me if I was doing okay; one woman who was running even turned around and came back up to me to make sure … I was stopped at the side of the road at the time, although I have no doubt that even if I was riding she would still have been able to catch me.

Neck and right shoulder are killing me too … feel like I may have a pinched nerve or something, and my rotator cuff is grinding like you wouldn’t believe. Time to make an appointment to get an adjustment with Greg Freebairn at Back In Motion, I think; the other option would be to go see a full-blown orthopedist to get my shoulder scoped, which I’d rather avoid if at all possible.

Not a good day on the bike today. At least I got to see Cadel Evans prove that he IS a hard man this morning during the Giro; there were two sections of stradas bianches, which means “white roads” in Italian; these are unpaved dirt/gravel roads. Because of the rain, however, those sections were stradas fangosos (muddy roads), if not i fiumi di merda (rivers of shit). Good on ya, mate. You’re definitely doing the rainbow stripes proud.