Let us pray (Giro edition)

A prayer for the second and third weeks of the Giro d’Italia; for the battles in the mountains to come.

Andy Hampsten, climbing the Passo Gavia during the 1988 Giro d'Italia
Let us pray:

I believe in Hampsten, the Climber Almighty,
     the Creator of heavenly tours,
     and in the Landshark of steel, on which he rode:

Who was conceived of the skinny legs,
     born of the massive lungs,
     suffered on the Passo Gavia,
     was frozen, yet not buried by snow.

He ascended into hell.

The fourth day He arose again in the mountains.

He ascended onto Vetriolo Terme
     and crushed the mighty Dutchman,
     in the manner of the Cannibal Merckx.

I believe in the Big Ring, the holy cycling church,
     the communion of riders,
     the forgiveness of admitted dopers,
     the resurrection of the clean riders,
     and road racing everlasting.


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