Think bikes are spendy? Try fly fishing!

Somehow, I got on the mailing list for the Madison River Fishing Company; not really sure how … it doesn’t really matter. Their focus is the serious fly fisherman.

When I was but a lad, living in Tennessee and Minnesota, I used to love to go fishing; granted, all I ever did was bait and lure fish, but I still had a great time hanging out in the boat or on the shore of the lake casting and reeling, casting and reeling; and there’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh caught fish.

Now, I have a number of friends who are seriously into fly fishing, and I’ve thought about asking them to teach me, but after looking through the catalogue, I’m beginning to have second thoughts, especially considering how much of a gear junkie I am.

The Madison River Fishing Company is definitely not for a gear geek like me … or rather it is, which is why I must avoid it at all costs. As I said above, it caters to the fly fisherman, and certainly to the serious enthusiast at that, with $1000 rods, $1000 reels, and $500 spools of line, not to mention all the other gear, like vests, wading gear, bags, nets, tools … and all of this before you get to the flies, which of course is an entirely different and additional set of expenses.

I need to put this catalogue in the recycling bin, and bury it deep so I don’t pull it out again. Thankfully, at this point, I don’t know how to fly fish, so spending any money would be completely ludicrous, but I can already tell that if I get hooked, I’m going to be in big trouble.

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  1. you know how some catalogs are, just looking for a sucker.

    a friend should be able to loan you a rod, and reel. Then your first rod, should be under $300. I’ve never had a Reel over $150. and my first was $40. I will say, my first rod was fiberglass, and ran $30, and the Reel went “zip” and cost $30. Line $12.
    What kills is Tapered leader, for a beginner $3 each, and you go through 2 every trip, until you learn to keep your line out of knots.
    Waders $100. Clothing on closeout, I’ve never paid over $40 for a jacket or vest.

    you just have to do it right. Ordering out of a cataloge, is for a Trader in New York, Dreaming of a vacation, and just ordering “all the shit”… they will never know how to use.

  2. Here is the trick, failing finding a cheap used one, order a rod from llbean. They fling great are cheap and you will not be able to tell the difference for years. Don’t “get into it” just get a fishing license and a rod and a lesson from a friend or your local fly shop and then go have fun. Buy a selection of flys and a license from the fly shop (akin to picking up a tube/patchkit/token from a LBS you peruse when you are on travel). I would skip waders/vests/nets etc. Just get a good cowboyhat/sunhat and the basic gear and some tevas and go fishing. The bean travel rods are easily bike portable.

  3. Seriously, you can do that so much cheaper. I had a 500 dollar Orvis rod in College, I caught more fish on my 80 dollar Cabelas rod.

    Waders, again cabelas, heck, i am sure I have a bunch of stuff still in my basement, yu can have, since i haven’t used it in years.

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