Why isn’t Israel considered to be evil?

When one of our alleged allies in the Middle East attacks a humanitarian aid mission in international waters (reports indicate the flotilla was more than 70 miles off Israel’s coastline), especially one carrying a survivor of the Holocaust, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and several current or former members of the American diplomatic service, then […]

2010 Ride #20

View Ascent activity on 30-May-10 at 02:04PM in a larger map Emigration Canyon. Legs felt great. Lungs not so much; one of these days I’ll be fit enough again that both legs and lungs will feel good on the same day, possibly even at the same time!

Poetry Friday

IN GENERAL This is about no rain in particular, just any rain, rain sounding on the roof, any roof, slate or wood, tin or clay or thatch, any rain among any trees, rain in soft, soundless accumulation, gathering rather than falling on the fir of juniper and cedar, on a lace-community of cobwebs, rain clicking […]

Wrongful death suits on Wall Street?

It’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out … Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s estate sued J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., alleging J.P. Morgan illegally siphoned billions of dollars from Lehman in the days before the troubled investment bank filed for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. The lawsuit alleges that J.P. […]

Poetry Wednesday?

Got this in my email from Poets.org today … and it’s pretty evocative of today’s mood, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy. Or don’t. FOOTPRINT ON YOUR HEART Someone will walk into your life, Leave a footprint on your heart, Turn it into a mudroom cluttered With encrusted boots, children’s mittens, Scratchy scarves— Where you […]