2010 Ride #10

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Thought about taking it easy today … and I guess I did, since I only did 25 miles instead of matching yesterday’s 38, but I still got in a little under 1500 feet of climbing. Up Emigration to just past the Sun & Moon Cafe, but not quite to Pinecrest; turned around at the 12.50 mile mark on the Garmin and headed for home.

Felt better than I thought I would … legs were a little heavy and had one small asthma attack, but my average heart rate was 8 bpm lower than yesterday, and I topped out at only 173 instead of yesterday’s 185. Is this progress or a sign of fatigue? No matter. I got in two days of riding this weekend, which is a first for the season. I’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up this next week; hopefully the forecast will be wrong so I can get in 3-4 days on the bike.