2010 Ride #9

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20th East to Sunnyside to Emigration to the summit of Little Mountain, then Wasatch to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, dropped the Old Mill, then Holladay Blvd home. 38.15 miles (longest of the season thus far), 2537 feet of climbing (most vertical of the season thus far). 2353 calories.

Ride didn’t start off well. When I first hit play on the iPod, Ministry’s “Die in a Crash” came on … and once I got out on the road it didn’t take long for my heart rate to start spiking above 170 on flat ground; and I was up in the 180s several times (topping out at 185) on the climb up Emigration Canyon. Since my theoretical max HR is only around 176, I don’t really like it when I start going above 180, although it’s nice to know that I actually can without dying (literally; figuratively, I was dead several times over).

I’m behind my pace from 2009 … which means I really need to get out and ride more. This is a good start; we’ll see how the legs feel on tomorrow’s ride to see how much more I can add to this year’s totals.

I need a burrito. Badly. Too bad Barbacoa doesn’t deliver, because now I’m going to have to go back out again … and I can barely stand up.