2010 Ride #8 (and PROs with class)

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Headed out this afternoon shortly after 2:00 with a plan to climb Emigration Canyon again, but as I was heading up Sunnyside towards the Zoo, I knew that my lungs were not going to be up for it today, so turned up Wasatch to head back south.

While on Wasatch, T-Bird and Alex Grant caught up with me, and slowed down enough that I could ride and chat with them for a bit before Alex turned up the hill around 21st South. Continued riding with T-Bird on the bike path through Parley’s (where my HR hit a dizzying 184 bpm) and along Wasatch to 45th South when he turned off and headed for home.

Since Darren Lill apparently ripped his legs off up Big Cottonwood, Millcreek and Emigration Canyons, the safe bet is that he didn’t want me to hurt him any more with my mad skills as a gasping asthmatic.

Dropped 45th South back into Holladay, then headed back north along 20th East to do a lap of Sugarhouse Park before heading home.

Once again, Burke has shown that he is one of the classiest riders around (and I’ve gotta say that Alex is pretty cool too, as I discovered during ‘cross season last year), because I know that he could have left me behind at any point in time, but rather than just saying “Hello” as they rode past, both actually took the time to slow down and ride with me for a few miles.

TeamGive struck gold when they signed on to support Burke’s campaign as a multi-discipline pro cyclist this year, and Alex is definitely a good ambassador for the Cannondale Factory Team.

Good luck at Sea Otter next week.