Poetry Friday

SPRING Wind in almond blossoms. Ants on limestone mountains. Cézanne’s bones in red earth. Countless vines on red earth. Black wine on oak tables. They drink love or hate as The old plane trees blossom. They drink coffee or pastis Under the blowing young leaves. Under feathery pines, On red and gray hillsides, Hidden from […]

Going viral (NSFW)

There are a lot of things that can be said about the following video, ranging from descriptions as a brutally graphic political statement decrying genocide and ethnic cleansing to calling it a cynical marketing attempt to generate Internet buzz and fuel album sales. No matter what you think of the video, it’s an impressive piece […]

2010 Ride #13

View Ascent activity on 25-Apr-10 at 12:41PM in a larger map Felt like complete shite today … isn’t it supposed to get easier when you ride more and get into better shape? My legs are feeling good, I’m shedding a little weight, and yet my lungs seem to be getting worse. Couldn’t breathe today to […]

2010 Ride #12

View Ascent activity on 24-Apr-10 at 01:22PM in a larger map Emigration to Pinecrest. Felt like crap; my lungs were NOT cooperating today in the slightest, even after stopping to take a couple hits off the inhaler. I did get a nice waffle hand-up from my friend Waffles, as she and another friend drove past […]

Poetry Friday

JUST after the downpour, in the early evening, late sunlight glinting off the raindrops sliding down the broad backs of the redbud leaves beside the porch, beyond the railing, each leaf bending and springing back and bending again beneath the dripping,                      between existences, ecstatic, the souls grow mischievous, they break ranks, swerve from the […]

2010 Ride #11

View Ascent activity on 22-Apr-10 at 03:19PM in a larger map The sun did manage to come out long enough for me to out on the bike for an hour or so, but when it dipped behind some rather ominous clouds, it got awfully cold for how I was dressed. At least Earth Day wasn’t […]