First Vancouver, now the Tour of Utah?

I’m not sure when I started following the stereotypical Utah trait of claiming anyone with even the remotest connection with the state as one of our own. Hell, I’m not even sure when I started thinking of myself as a Utahn (in addition to being from both a Northern Californian and a Tennesseean).

Regardless, it’s really good to see some of Utah’s top cyclists getting some positive press … although that little hunk of metal that Bill Demong picked up in Vancouver a few weeks ago surely helps in that arena.

Talk about your contrasting sporting career highlights. In his primary vocation, Bill Demong is an Olympic hero, the first American to ever win gold in a Nordic combined skiing event, a feat achieved this past February in Vancouver, British Columbia.

But in his other athletic endeavor, elite amateur cycling, Demong’s claim to fame is more ignominious. The New York native is that guy in those hard-to-believe photos that pictured Chris Horner doubling another rider on the back of his bike near the tail end of the 2008 Cascade Classic.

Read the rest of the article at – Olympic ski star Bill Demong, coming to a road race near you?.

Bill Demong
Bill Demong, catching a lift from Chris Horner. Photo copyright © 2008, Heidi Swift/VeloNews.


One Reply to “First Vancouver, now the Tour of Utah?

  1. What is interesting:

    the Dichotomy between

    Lives here, trains here, but doesn’t come from here.

    And Grew up here, but doesn’t train here.

    and we want to resent both.

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