– Clinger suspended for two years

A three-member arbitration panel has issued a two-year suspension of David Clinger for a positive testosterone test at last year’s national elite championships in Bend, Oregon.

Clinger had finished second in the national road race, behind Michael Olheiser, but that result and any achieved since his positive test have been negated, as a result of the ruling issued by the American Arbitration Association/Court of Arbitration for Sport (AAA/CAS) panel on Thursday (read the full decision).

via – Clinger suspended for two years.

According to the VeloNews article, and from reading the full arbitration decision, Clinger knew that he was taking prohibited substances and even declared them on the Doping Control Form he filled out at the National Championships, but neglected to file for a Therapeutic Use Exemption prior to taking the prescribed drugs.

From reading the arbitration decision, it appears that Clinger did not intend to cheat, and that the arbitration panel recognized that, but found that there was insufficient extraordinary cause to vacate the finding or to reduce his suspension.

I just hope that this setback doesn’t send Clinger back down the wrong path that he was on prior to moving to Utah and going through rehab, and that he’ll be able to weather this particular storm and come out stronger on the other side.

David Clinger finishing Stage 2 atop Mt. Nebo ...

David Clinger during the 2009 Tour of Utah