Cycling.TV’s poor customer service

So has anyone figured out how to cancel their subscription to Cycling.TV? For the past year or so, I’ve been getting billed $19.99 by Neulion, which is the corporate entity behind Cycling.TV.

According to the FAQ posted on their site, you can cancel via Paypal, which might sense if you’re actually using Paypal to cover your recurring payments. Cycling.TV/Neulion is just billing my credit card.

And according to their Legal page, “3. Duration and Termination: Your right to terminate. You may cancel your subscription for the Services by logging in and going to the My Account page and clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button or by sending an e-mail to customer services at the following e-mail address” …

Problem is that there is NO “My Account” page to be found anywhere on Cycling.TV, and emails to have thus far gone unanswered. So, tomorrow in goes the charge disputes with my credit card, and tonight this post goes public discussing my problem.

If anyone has been able to sucessfully cancel their subscription without having to cancel their credit card, I’d sure love to hear it. So let me know!

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  1. The protocol for canceling your subscription is to email I know that some people have reported not receiving replies (I’ve also been CCed in on replies that users have later claimed not to receive, which makes me believe that emails from customer services may be getting spam filtered for some people?), and in this case I’d recommend doing any one of the following to alert me to your problem:
    – Posting on the Innertube community
    – Direct messaging me on the Innertube community
    – Direct messaging us on Twitter (@CyclingTV)
    – Emailing me personally (my first name dot my surname at cycling dot tv)

    It’s far from streamlined, but it works to catch the people who, for whatever reason, the customer support team have missed.

    1. Wouldn’t it be simpler to actually place a “My Account” section on the website (as mentioned in the Legal section) that allows people to cancel subscriptions online?

      I’ve read the InnerTube forums … seems like I’m not the only person to complain about the inability to EASILY cancel a subscription. One would think that a customer-service oriented company would listen to its customer complaints and take steps to address the overall problem to reduce the number of public complaints, rather than merely addressing individual public complaints.

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