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The last Trooper Tale

After 5 years and 6 days, I got rid of my Isuzu Trooper this past Friday evening. It’s had a number of problems over the past year, and it just go to the point where I was tired of throwing money at it, just to keep it running. After replacing the brakes last summer and replacing the clutch this past fall the Trooper lasted long enough to take me on a road trip to Phoenix, LA and back again over the winter holidays, but now it was starting to lag and jerk, not just when cold, but even when accelerating on the freeway.

The problem could have been one of three things … a problem with the fuel system, a problem with the engine, or a problem with the transmission. I didn’t want to know which, knowing that each problem would be progressively more expensive.

So Friday night, I took the Trooper over to State Street to one of the used car dealerships, and traded it in for a new-to-me 2006 Jeep Liberty in excellent condition and a $12,000 car loan (and accompanying car payments).

So far, I’m digging the Jeep. Even it it isn’t as sexy as the Subaru Impreza I also test-drove … it still has enough zip to make it fun to drive, and like the Trooper, has enough room for skis or bikes inside; it should also get slightly better gas mileage than the Trooper.

So now we say goodbye to the Trooper Tales category, and welcome the Jeep Chronicles. Pics later.