Bike Snob’s IPO

The Wall Street Journal has reported on many an IPO (initial public offering) over the decades, but I’m sure none of them have been quite like Bike Snob’s initial public offering … of his identity. Over his nearly three years of obsessing over, satirizing and deftly puncturing the sport of cycling, the anonymous blogger Bike […]

Give me a reason not to jump ship, AT&T

With a new version of the iPhone in the works, the clock is ticking for AT&T Inc. to get its much-criticized network ready for the looming battle. The carrier has taken a beating from consumers who have complained about poor coverage in major cities including New York and San Francisco. Now, AT&T is racing to […]

2010 Ride #7

View Ascent activity on 28-Mar-10 at 12:28PM in a larger map Emigration to the summit of Little Mountain today. 30-miles; lungs felt really good, surprisingly. Still had to stop a couple times to catch my breath and get my heart rate back down, but not nearly as often as I normally have to, and no […]

The Tao of Framebuilding

for the record atmo 10.14.02 the lug is not the frame. the geometry is not the frame. the alignment is not the frame. the material is not the frame. the frame is the frame.     &#151 Richard Sachs, American Bicycle Framebuilder

Poetry Friday

IF A WILDERNESS Then spring came:                     branches-in-a-wind. . . I bought a harness, I bought a bridle. I wagered on God in a kind stranger— kind at first; strange, then less so— and I was right.                The difference between God and luck is that luck, when it leaves, […]

Cycling.TV comes through in the end

Checked my account this morning, and have now been credited for a full refund, not only for the most recent quarter, but dating back to September 2009, corresponding with the beginning of cyclocross season (which was geo-restricted and not available to US subscribers). Thanks to Harold Dalton at Cycling.TV for his follow-through in making the […]