Honeycomb Canyon

My favorite ski loop … from Moonbeam Lodge up Moonbeam lift, down Main Street to Sunrise lift, Summit Access to Summit lift … then through Summit gate into Honeycomb Canyon, along the Honeycomb Cliffs traverse towards Prince of Wales, then dropping into Woodlawn back to Honeycomb Return lift to Gary’s Glade or Sunshine Bowl, back to Main Street to either do another lap, or cut back over to Moonbeam Lodge.

Also got a chance to play with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 compact digital camera. So far, I like it … perhaps even more than my Canon PowerShot G10, and definitely more than my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX1, although the latter will probably be my go-to camera for a jersey pocket on bike rides, since it’s the smallest of the three.

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Honeycomb Cliffs
Honeycomb Cliffs and acres of powder, Solitude Mountain Resort

Honeycomb Canyon
More powder in Honeycomb Canyon, Solitude Mountain Resort

Trees line in Honeycomb Canyon
Dropping through the trees, Honeycomb Canyon, Solitude Mountain Resort