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Lunatics in the Legislature

You know that post from earlier today about the IOC’s idiotic decision to elect Pat McQuaid? Never mind that, this is much worse.

Pull out of climate coalition, panel urges Herbert

Gov. Gary Herbert would be asked to pull Utah out of the Western Climate Initiative under a resolution passed Friday by a House panel

The House Public Utilities and Technology Committee advanced HJR21 in a 6-2 vote and sent it to the full House

Sponsored by Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, it echoes a nonbinding resolution approved by the House last year. This time, though, the state Senate might also get a chance to weigh in if the joint resolution clears the House.

If Utah were to withdraw from the six-state climate alliance, which is developing a regionwide cap-and-trade program, it would become the second state to do so. This week, Arizona said it no longer would take part because of economic concerns.

Other participating states are Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, California and Washington, along with four Canadian provinces.

Utah signed on to the initiative three years ago, before former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., a Republican, resigned to become U.S. ambassador to China. Since then, Herbert, also a Republican, has said he is less persuaded by the scientific evidence supporting the need for reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions

On Friday, Noel told the House committee that the science is flawed and the state has too much to lose in a cap-and-trade program. Utah should follow Arizona’s example, he said, and simply become an observer to the initiative so that Utahns won't see their energy prices skyrocket and their school funding sacrificed.

“Let’s step back and make sure we’re right before we hurt our citizens,” said Noel, who last week called climate-change policies a conspiracy to control world population.

via Pull out of climate coalition, panel urges Herbert – Salt Lake Tribune.

I’m sorry, what? Climate-change policies are “a conspiracy to control world population.” So if people think it’s getting warmer, they won’t either won’t fuck anymore, or will be more likely to use contraceptives? Oh, okay. Works for me.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in global warming or climate change, the visible air quality (or lack thereof), especially during the winter months should be reason enough to stay in the Western Climate Initiative and to continue to encourage green energy sources.

Sure, fossil fuels may cost Utahns less in the short term than investing in clean, green energy, but the health issues caused by the bad air will cost Utahns far more in increased healthcare expenses, insurance premiums, and taxes to cover the care of the uninsured.

It’s okay to be skeptical about climate change, but how can you encourage more poor air quality?

Or do legislators have no need to breathe?

And Utahns wonder why people refer to them as Utards.