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January 2010

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Writer’s Block

I really have to find some things to write about, because this blog is getting stale … and I certainly can’t only post poetry on Fridays. A quick summary of Facebook status updates which give…

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2010 Ride #1

View Ascent activity on 03-Jan-10 at 12:20PM in a larger map Woke up late this morning, but the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside … clear and sunny with temperatures in the low-to-mid 30s, so I…

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Fun with iPhone camera apps

  One of the fun things about having an iPhone is the various apps available for it … especially some of the camera apps. For example, the top photo is a pretty standard shot of…

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Poetry Friday

TE DEUM Not because of victories I sing, having none, but for the common sunshine, the breeze, the largess of the spring. Not for victory but for the day’s work done as well as I…