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2010 Ride #2

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Ride #2 for the year, and it’s obvious that whatever fitness I gained on my trip to Arizona over Christmas is now gone. With an AvgHR over 160, peaking out at 179, I was definitely struggling on anything even remotely resembling a climb … not to mention the actual climbs.

Funny thing, though … even though my pulse was really high throughout the entire ride, on the flats I felt like I was cruising easy. So maybe I’m not in quite as bad shape as I think, and it’s the air that’s causing the problems.

Tomorrow should be a ski day; at least that’s the current plan. The rest of today will be spent relaxing, doing laundry, and watching Steven Soderbergh’s Che. I watched the first part, which covers the Cuban Revolution, a couple days ago … watched a documentary on the making of the movie this morning, and am now watching the second part, covering the Bolivian years. Excellent movie. Highly recommended.