I guess Richie Rich got tired of sitting on the sidelines while his girlie girl was getting to race … so he decided to take her out by slipping her a little CERA to jack up her Hct values …

Poor Vania … did you not think that being associated with a doper might also put you under targeted suspicion as well?

I’m guessing that Vania falls more into the Mayda Munny camp, rather than the Gloria Glad camp …

Ricco’s girlfriend tests positive for CERA

Vania Rossi, a top Italian cyclocross racer and girlfriend of Riccardo Ricco, has tested positive for the blood booster CERA, the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) announced Friday.

A blood sample taken from Rossi after the January 10th Italian cyclocross championships in Milan was found to contain the drug, CONI said. Rossi finished second at the championships.

Ricco, who has a child with Rossi, tested positive for the same substance in the 2008 Tour de France and is serving a 20-month suspension set to end in March.

via Ricco’s girlfriend tests positive for CERA – VeloNews.

On the bright side, that’s one less cheater that Katie Compton will have to worry about this weekend.

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