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Crust and dust

Interesting weekend, coming to a close … went out to dinner with a great friend on Thursday night for some yummy goodness at Squatters downtown, then a quiet day at work on Friday.

Saturday was supposed to be a ski day, but unfortunately, the tiny little headache I woke up with on turned into a full-on migraine by the time I would have been ready to walk out the door … not an auspicious start to the day. Loaded up on triptans and headed back to bed for several hours. When I finally got up again around 1:30, my headache was thankfully gone … a good thing since Jennie & Joel’s housewarming party was on Saturday night. Definitely couldn’t miss that.

Sunday was recovery from the party; not significant since I didn’t drink much due to the aforementioned headache, then brunch at Piper Down with a few of my tweeps, watching the Minnesota Vikings stomp all over the Dallas Cowboys … then laundry; mustn’t forget laundry.

Early to bed on Sunday night, and up early this morning to finally get up Big Cottonwood Canyon to get in some turns at Solitude. Conditions weren’t very good, about 2-inches of fresh powder on top of a nice, icy crust. The sun was trying to break through a few times, but generally it was fairly overcast with light flurries, with the wind picking up around noon. Gave it until about 1:30, then decided that even though a bad snow day on the mountain is better than any day on the couch, I’d had enough of this particular bad snow day.

Back down the canyon, then to Whole Foods for sushi packs, then to Firestone to get my belts replaced … the Trooper was starting to remind me of Ned Beatty in Deliverance, but thankfully, hopefully, that is now fixed.

And now, relaxing on the couch, watching CBS Monday night sitcoms, and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Sometimes, the dust makes the crust worthwhile …