Writer’s Block

I really have to find some things to write about, because this blog is getting stale … and I certainly can’t only post poetry on Fridays.

A quick summary of Facebook status updates which give an idea of some of the things running through my head right now.

  • Thinking about starting a 365 day photo project today … but needs to find the right subject.
  • Wondering how many other people have as many Facebook and/or Twitter crushes as I do, and contemplating actually asking one of them out.
  • I’ve almost survived my first full week back at work in 3 weeks.
  • Are “diplomatic”, “suave”, and “sick in the head” apropos descriptions of my personality?
  • When is the next ski excursion? When is the next bike ride? When is the next party? Beer? Wine? Whiskey?
  • I had fun on my vacation, but I’m glad to be home in Utah, even if it does mean dealing with the inversion.
  • iPhone camera apps = fun fun fun

I think that will do it for now … if anything, this post is really just a placeholder to put another post between last weekend’s bike ride and tomorrow’s Poetry Friday entry. w00t! \o/