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2010 Ride #1

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Woke up late this morning, but the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside … clear and sunny with temperatures in the low-to-mid 30s, so I decided to skip skiing and go for the first ride of the 2010 season instead.

14.5 miles, AvgHR 148, 574 vertical feet, so fairly flat. But the first ride of the season is in the bag. Now to keep it up through the rest of the year, to attempt to double up my annual mileage again.

The total for 2008 was 1,050.98 miles logged at Garmin Connect, plus another 10-20 non-logged miles. Since I’m not completely sure of the total mileage, I’m going to set the goal at 2200 miles; which should more than cover it. I also logged over 58,000 vertical feet last year, this year’s goal is 100,000 vertical feet; not quite double, but vertical is still a challenge for my legs and lungs.

Good goals to have, right?