Fun with iPhone camera apps

Lake Solitude
Lake Solitude, as seen from Shaft, Solitude Mountain Resort

Lake Solitude, Lo-Mob Version
Lake Solitude, Lo-Mob Version

One of the fun things about having an iPhone is the various apps available for it … especially some of the camera apps. For example, the top photo is a pretty standard shot of Lake Solitude, taking on my iPhone. The bottom version was created using the Lo-Mob app available in iTunes.

I’m going to have to play with these apps some more …

Oh yeah … feet felt much better today, although my right pinkie toe was still getting crushed; my tummy, on the other hand, did not do so well after having a hot italian sausage at Sunshine Grill, which apparently is no longer serving brats. Live and learn. Next time, I’ll either get a brat at Moonbeam, or get something else at Sunshine.