2009 Ride #53

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Tried a new route today. According to the maps, the main road within McDowell Mountain Regional Park goes all the way through and connects with Rio Verde, so the plan was to do that and then come back along the main road between Rio Verde and Fountain Hills.

Unfortunately, the maps are wrong. Sure the road does go through, if you have a 4WD or a mountain bike (and if the gate isn’t closed and locked) … but for a road bike, the service road that it became just wasn’t gonna cut it; the ground was way too soft to ride on skinny tires with 140 psi.

So, it was another out-and-back, like Monday’s ride, just with decidedly rougher roads and what felt like more climbing, but according to the GPS it was actually about 100 vertical feet less. Perhaps it was just more sustained.

By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I hate chip seal? Anyone who thinks that it can be bad in Utah has never ridden on Arizona chip seal in the desert … roads can be so rough that your hands go numb from the vibrations; even with good gloves.

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