UTCX … the finale … it’s over (for this year).

Another Utah Cyclocross Series in the books … and today was definitely an interesting one.

To start with, both Matt Ohran and Jon Gallagher were out of town … Matt is back east for a Cannondale sales meeting while Jon is in Portland working (and racing) the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross.

That means that it was up to all the rest of us to put on a race at Fort Buenaventura, in Ogden.

Course design and set-up was by Bart Gillespie and Alex Grant, with a suggestion from me to make the lap times longer (essentially, I insisted on putting out the barriers) … and it seems to have been have been a popular course today. Snow was falling, and it looked like everyone was having fun.

I did have one “small” meltdown at one of the Contender riders who was standing directly in front of the truck with a few other people blocking our view of racers as they were crossing the line during the 35+ B race; his actions when I yelled at him to move (after laying on the horn to get their attention) didn’t help, but I should have kept my cool. I’m not entirely sure who it was, but dude, if you’re reading this, I apologize.

The Church of the Big Ring had a good showing today, with Utah State Cyclocross Champion Ali Goulet again taking the win in the Men’s A race ahead of Bart Gillespie (MonaVie-Cannondale), before heading off to Portland tonight to race in the final USGP Cyclocross race of the season tomorrow. Ali has the 35+ title wrapped up in the USGP, but Bart still manages to keep the Utah Cyclocross Series title for the umpteenth consecutive year. Alex Grant (also MonaVie-Cannondale) took third place today, while Jason Sager (Team Jamis) was fourth.

In the 35+ A race, Art O’Connor was gapped early by Kris Arnott of Ski Utah Cycling, but clawed his way back into the lead with about 3 laps to go and held on to take yet another win, wrapping up his series title to go with his 35+ A Utah State Cyclocross Championship in the process. Darrell “Doctor Cross” Davis turned in an incredible performance to take 3rd place in the 35+ A race today. Looks like the Doc is back, and will be looking to educate the masters next year.

Kathy Sherwin (Velo Bella) took another win in the women’s A race but it was a battle against Sarah Kaufman of Roaring Mouse-Binghams; Team Revolution‘s Erika Powers put in a strong 3rd place finish today and wrapped up the series title. Kathy hasn’t had the greatest season this year, which is quite understandable considering what she has gone through this fall, losing both parents within a couple of months, so it was nice to see her out there doing something she loves.

Kara Harris (Ski Utah Cycling) took the win in the women’s B race ahead of Team Revolution’s Gigi “Waffles” Austria. It’s going to come down to the math, but I think Melissa Perry’s (Team Revolution) 3rd place finish today gave her enough points to keep her lead in the series, and thus take the series title.

Don’t ask me what happened in the other series races … that’s Jon’s job, and the points should all be updated by Monday or Tuesday.

It’s been a great season, and I’m already looking forward to next fall … unless someone wants to start promoting a January/February cyclocross series … although I’ll probably be too busy skiing to work that series if someone did try to put it together.

Next up, the Last Call Cyclocross Race at Wheeler Farm on Saturday, January 2, 2010 … a non-series and definitely non-serious race. Anyone who races for a result is disqualified, so come out and have fun … then go to the Utah Cyclocross Series party and awards ceremony later that night. I think the party will be at Rocky Mountain Raceway again as it was last year. I’m told the theme this year is “Pirates”, but I’m still lobbying for “Reality TV” …