Poetry Friday (belated)

APPEAL TO THE GRAMMARIANS We, the naturally hopeful, Need a simple sign For the myriad ways we’re capsized. We who love precise language Need a finer way to convey Disappointment and perplexity. For speechlessness and all its inflections, For up-ended expectations, For every time we’re ambushed By trivial or stupefying irony, For pure incredulity, we […]

Thanksgiving …

Once again, it’s that time of year … time to sit back and reflect on all that I am thankful for. Work continues to chug along. The bet that I made that our stock would rebound last fall has paid off nicely … I lowered my average cost significantly, and my portfolio is above water […]

Quote of the Day

Big town’s got its losers Small town’s got its vices A handful of friends One needs a match, one needs some ice Call-waiting phone in another time zone How do you say I miss you to An answering machine? How do say good night to An answering machine?   — The Replacements, “Answering Machine”

Poetry Friday

REMEMBER, BODY …   Body, remember not only how much you were loved, not only the beds where you lay, but also those desires for you, shining clearly in eyes and trembling in a voice—and some chance obstacle thwarted them. Now when everything is the past, it almost looks as if you gave yourself to […]

Awkward words

Anyone who knows me well knows not only that I have a fascination with words, but also love to debate … I can argue semantics for hours, much to the dismay of people around me at times. I’m pretty sure that’s why a friend of mine gave me a book this past summer; because I […]


Over Labor Day weekend, I made my first trip back to the Bay Area since moving to Utah … while there, one of the things we did was go to the Cantor Art Center at Stanford University. I took lots of pictures while I was there, but never really go around to editing and uploading […]