So the previous post is just general good advice, based on a few recent splits that I’ve witnessed. But seeing how these splits evolved has certainly given me insight into how I handle my own splits.

My own recent long-distance relationship dissolved this past week; not because of anything bad, but because 800 miles was too big of an obstacle to overcome to really maintain an effective/solid connection. I knew it was a long-shot from the get go, but it felt so right and I put everything I had into making it work. Unfortunately distance and time apart complicated things far too much.

On the upside, for me, this relationship ended filled with good feelings. She is a fantastic person who I am still happy to consider a friend, someone who I hope will still be a part of my life going forward. I learned a lot about how to handle myself in what was really my first relationship (rather than fling) post-divorce, and think I did a pretty good job. I feel certain that when the next opportunity presents itself, I will be able to progress even further.

And I really can’t ask for anything more.