2009 Ride #47

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First time on the bike in 3 weeks … my Saturdays have been busy with the UTCX series, and the past couple of Sundays were either bad weather or otherwise booked (such as a trip to the zoo last weekend). I could tell that I had been off the bike for awhile; perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, clear air, but the heart rate was elevated and my legs weren’t turning smoothly.

Of course, the sunburn I got in Heber yesterday may also play a small role, but I doubt it. I’m out of shape, and what fitness I did build over the summer is starting to fade. Not good, since I don’t want to lose much of the progress I have made before we head into the winter months.

Thankfully, Doctor Cross has said he’d let me borrow some of his spare skate ski equipment so I can see if that suits me, and I’m starting to haul out the snow shoes and alpine skis … still a bit early for all of that, but right now the desire is there to stay active this winter, so if I can maintain until it gets here, then I should be good.