First race of the season is in the bag, and here are my takeaways.

I like USAC Officials a whole lot better when they are not wearing the khakis and blue and in “must enforce everything in the rulebook to the letter” mode … cyclocross in Utah is about having a good time, which is why we don’t get permitted by the USCF.

Another takeaway? Start letting the next race have a look at the course as soon as the the leaders cross the finish line. We had at least two women miss the start of their race on Saturday due to the compressed time between races. Now … one thing to keep in mind is that we started all races on time, and it is the racer’s responsibility to be at the start line when their race begins, but the least we can do is give riders more of an opportunity to see the course before their event.

Finally … we had one bad experience on Saturday … during the women’s race, a junior woman who was also entered in the women’s C race was screamed at by an A racer to get off the course. The junior did get off the course, in full waterworks.

I’ve heard a couple different rumors as who the offending A rider was, but without any evidence, there’s not much that can be done about it. But please rest assured that this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable at the Utah Cyclocross Series, and if it happens again and I hear about it, I will do my best to have Matt disqualify the offender from the remainder of the series, with no refund … and I don’t care who it is, friend or not. Riders should be encouraging the women in the lower categories, especially the youngsters, rather than screaming at them to get off the course.

Your thoughts?