2009 Rides #45/46

Yesterday’s shitty ride #45:

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Today’s much better ride #46:

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Yesterday, my heart rate spiked from the get-go … 126 before I even started turning the cranks, and from the moment I started pedaling, my heart rate was above 155, and pretty much stayed there except when I stopped to catch my breath and get it back down … never got higher than 166, but I pulled the plug way early yesterday … only about 6 miles altogether.

Today started out much better. Still dealing with a higher pulse that I would like, but it was down a bit from yesterday. Started at 113, and while I still averaged 155, it got up to 174 at one point and I didn’t feel like I was going to die.

Legs felt great yesterday, despite the breathing problems. Felt a little stiff and slow today, but I’m just happy about being able to do a decent ride without having to call it quits. I’m getting closer to my goal of 1000 miles this season. I’ve got 923 logged on Garmin Connect, and about 10 more that didn’t get logged when I rode my bike to brunch one fine Sunday.

Cross season starts next weekend, which means that I won’t be able to ride both days, and I’ve got a visitor coming from Northern California the following weekend, so I doubt I’ll be able to ride at all then, but as long as the weather doesn’t turn to absolute shit, I’ve got almost every Sunday between now and the end of November, and am planning a little road trip to Arid-zona at Christmas time (and taking the bike as well). 1000 miles is well within reach. Perhaps 1200-1300 by the end of the year?

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  1. Damn! I’m impressed! Me..I just use my piddly legs to go hiking the canyons. You’re my Hero!
    love Critter

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