‘Cross Reality, a new VeloNews.com video series, will follow two pro cyclocross racers through their season – VeloNews

This cyclocross season, filmmaker Andy Frothingham will be following two professional racers through their seasons, checking in with them at events around the country and at their homes in Colorado between races. The first episode is presented here today.

The featured riders are Amy Dombroski of the Richard Sachs team and Jonathan Baker of the Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team.

Dombroski is a multi-time national champion in the U23 category and an emerging powerhouse in the elite ranks.

Baker has raced at an elite level for several years, competing nationally and in Europe.

Andy Frothingham, a student at Boulder’s Fairview High School, is the son of VeloNews web editor Steve Frothingham.

This is some pretty awesome stuff … I have a DVD of a film (entitled Little Belgium) that Andy made a couple seasons ago at the ripe old age of 14, so he definitely deserves a good solid plug. I’m linking to the first episode directly (without permission, I might add), just as a teaser, but for all future episodes, y’all should head on over to VeloNews.com to watch them where they are intended to be viewed.

And then head over to the Richard Sachs ‘Cross Reference to read musings from the man himself as the season begins to ramp up.