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Roubaix Memories

Joe Parkin, over at 6 Years in a Rain Cape has a nice little essay contest going on right now. The winner’s prize is a Cervelo Test Team kit (bibshorts, jersey, gloves) in either black or white (depending on size and inventory availability). Suggested length is 500-1000 words, but Joe says he isn’t really counting.

Here’s my entry, but not even close to 500 words. If it can’t be told in haiku and yet still capture the essence of the race, then it’s not worth telling. That’s not really true, but it let’s me feel superior for a few seconds. And since it is Poetry Friday, what’s another little bit of verse gonna hurt?

I call it “Roubaix Memories”

Andrei Tchmil solo
   Muddy Roubaix, ninety-four,
      Bunny hopping curbs.

If that isn’t the essence of a true Flahute, then I don’t know what is …

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