2009 Rides #45/46

Yesterday’s shitty ride #45: View Ascent activity on 26-Sep-09 at 01:33PM in a larger map Today’s much better ride #46: View Ascent activity on 27-Sep-09 at 10:59AM in a larger map Yesterday, my heart rate spiked from the get-go … 126 before I even started turning the cranks, and from the moment I started pedaling, […]

Poetry Friday

THE KISS She pressed her lips to mind.         —a typo How many years I must have yearned for someone’s lips against mind. Pheromones, newly born, were floating between us. There was hardly any air. She kissed me again, reaching that place that sends messages to toes and fingertips, then all the way to something like […]

2009 Rides #43/44

Morning commute: View Ascent activity on 21-Sep-09 at 07:35AM in a larger map Evening commute: View Ascent activity on 21-Sep-09 at 05:25PM in a larger map Morning commute went well. Evening commute kind of sucked. I blame the lady with the heart-shaped potato … no, really, I blame the headwinds and being tired from a […]

2009 Ride #42

View Ascent activity on 20-Sep-09 at 01:34PM in a larger map Marginally better than yesterday; sinuses not acting up as much, but heart rate was still far higher than I would have like to see. But, I just have to keep telling myself that any miles are better than no miles, and any day on […]

2009 Ride #41

View Ascent activity on 19-Sep-09 at 01:19PM in a larger map Well that pretty much sucked ass. Legs felt great. Everything else felt like shit. Heart rate skyrocketed, averaging 160. Average speed was just a hair over 14 mph, and this was mostly flat/false-flate riding. It wasn’t a struggle to turn my legs over, but […]

‘Cross Reality: the first cyclocross reality show

‘Cross Reality, a new VeloNews.com video series, will follow two pro cyclocross racers through their season – VeloNews This cyclocross season, filmmaker Andy Frothingham will be following two professional racers through their seasons, checking in with them at events around the country and at their homes in Colorado between races. The first episode is presented […]