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Oh my God … I actually felt good today … legs were a little stiff when I first started off, but by the time I hit the mouth of Emigration Canyon, they were nice and loose, and my breathing was going fairly well too … I didn’t have to pull over to catch my breath in the canyon until the upper end of Pioneer Ridge Road, about 4 1/2 miles from the mouth of the canyon, which is outstanding for me … and even then it wasn’t a full-blown asthma attack like I’ve been experiencing most of the summer.

Got a late start today because of an almond overload after yesterday’s ride, so I turned around at the Pinecrest fork, and dropped back down the canyon to head for home to do a couple loads of laundry before heading off to a little summer croquet social … but if I can have more days like today, it seems like perhaps I’m finally starting to chip away at one of the barriers to fitness and can get back some of my old form.

Ultimately, it felt good to be on the bike today, and that hasn’t really happened in quite some time.