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2009 Ride #32

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This has been a bad week for me in a lot of ways … but thankfully, I have a woman who adores me (even if she is 800 miles away), and generally have decent health and can get out and ride my bikes.

Not a great day on the bike today, but it was a near-perfect day to get out there. Temps in the mid 60s, overcast … I think I felt 2 drops of rain, but that’s about it. Nice and cool. Legs felt good, but lungs weren’t having it today. I think perhaps the residual dust and smoke in the air from the wind storms and fires the past couple of days contributed to that factor, but at least I got out for a little while.

Ran into Fox by the zoo; he had just finished motorpacing Norm Bryner, and was waiting for another guy who wanted to get in a motorpacing session as preparation for the Tour of Utah, which starts next week.

Then, on the other side of Parley’s, coming up from the bike path, I ran into Ethan’s daddy and Joel (Mountain Girl‘s betrothed). Chatted with them for a bit, then headed for home … we’ll try a longer one tomorrow; hopefully if the rain comes it will knock some of the crud out of the air tonight, and tomorrow will be an easier breathing day.