2009 Ride #31

Not a fan of the new Garmin Connect over Motionbased.com; on Motionbased, there was a link so that I could view a larger version of a ride map on Google maps, but this feature is not available in Garmin Connect, and I can’t figure out how to export the route information into another format that can be used to display the route in Google maps.

Did Emigration today … lungs felt okay, but still had to stop a few times on the climb to get my heart rate back below 170; saw Doctor Cross during one of these little rest breaks.

Update 8/8/2009: Figured out how to get data manually imported into Motionbased.com so that I can still embed my maps. It’s geeky, but people tell me that they’re following my rides (or at least how many I’ve done).

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