2009 Ride #39

View Larger Map Emigration to Pinecrest again. Didn’t feel great on the climb, but the descent is so worth the pain of getting up the canyon. Ran into Dayna up top; glad to see that her run-in with the lab in Millcreek yesterday didn’t cause too much trouble other than a little road rash. Fought […]


2009 Ride #38

View Larger Map Kind of hot, but very, very muggy today, making breathing difficult for a fat, out-of-shape old punk like me, but still managed to roll-out another 28 miles, bringing my annual total to 802 thus far this season; not a lot, I know, but still more than I did during the entirety of […]

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Quotes of the Day

“For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”   — Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy, 12 August 1980, Democratic National Convention. “There is a new wave of change all around us, and if we set our compass true, we […]

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Poetry Friday

COMING You are driving to the airport Along the glittering highway Through the warm night, Humming to yourself. The yellow rose buds that stood On the commode faded and fell Two days ago. Last night the Petals dropped from the tulips On the dresser. The signs of Your presences are leaving the House one by […]

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New look / under construction

Somehow, my blog theme got munged, and is causing all sorts of problems … so I’m using a temporary theme until I can find a good new one, or figure out what happened to my original one. Not everything is as pretty, I know, but we’ll get something figured out soon enough.


2009 Ride #37

View Larger Map Felt much better today than Friday; most likely because it wasn’t as hot … and because I didn’t have to deal with multiple wasp stings. Emigration to Pinecrest, but instead of home via 20th East, I came back along Wasatch. Had to stop at Canyon because my shifting was off. You’d think […]