Why does it always seem that Levi Leipheimer never goes on the attack in the high mountains? He’s got what it takes physically, as he’s generally able to respond to any attacks, but it doesn’t seem like he ever initiates an attack … at least not in Europe.

I wonder if its a confidence thing … is Levi more content with protecting a podium position than risking losing it all to go for the win?

I asked a friend about it this morning, and his response is that Levi is a “diesel” … a description that I’ve always seen used more with riders like Jan Ullrich or Miguel Indurain, rather than for a little guy like Levi, but apparently, if the attacks come short and quick, Levi does much better to keep riding at his own tempo to keep himself in contention.

Of course, even Ullrich and Indurain would go on the attack occasionally … if only by upping the tempo and riding everyone else off their wheel. If Levi can’t put in the short, punchy efforts to shed riders, then I’d love to see him do this; just gear-up, head down, and power power power away from everyone.

Who knows, perhaps Friday’s stage into Andorra-Arcalis!

Levi is an incredible rider, and I’d love to see him win an individual Tour de France stage (as opposed to just the TTT win), and I’d really love to see him win the Tour this year over both Lance and Alberto.

In fact, my ideal podium for this year would be Levi, Andy Schleck in 2nd, and Lance in third … and Contadork sitting off the back somewhere …

It’s funny … while I think that Lance would work for Contador, I also think he’d always keep an eye out and hold something in reserve to see if he could gain an advantage. On the other hand, if Levi were to end up in yellow, I think Lance would give 110% for him; not that he’d gift Levi the Tour, but if Levi was in a position to win, then I think Lance would do everything he could to ensure that it happened.

Thus far, the Tour has been really exciting, but I can’t wait for it to start in earnest on Friday.