2009 Ride #23

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Headed out today planning a normal Wasatch Loop, but legs and lungs felt okay by the time I hit the mouth of Emigration, so I decided to continue on, planning first to turn around at Sun & Moon, then at the first switchback … but despite having to stop a couple times to take an Albuterol blast, I pushed on to the top of Little Mountain before turning around and dropping back down the canyon.

Felt a whole lot better today than I did yesterday afternoon, but probably not quite as good as I did yesterday morning. It’s a work in progress, and every day I actually get out on the bike and do something is a small victory.

Not exactly sure how many times I got out on the bike last year, but according to what I actually measured, 2008 was 30 rides and 415 miles for the entire year. Thus far this year I’ve done 21 measured rides (plus two additional rides I’ve noted but not measured), and 474 miles … so I’m averaging more miles per ride, and still have half the year remaining. I will be pleased if I get 1000 miles this year; ecstatic if I can build up to 1500, but right now I’m just happy to be on the bike when I am.