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2009 Rides #21/22

Felt great this morning …

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… felt like ass this afternoon.

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Was getting ready for a ride today when my computer started beeping at me, reminding me that I had to go into work today for a training … a situation I was not happy about, but decided to make the best of it by riding to the office.

Turns out that since I was on vacation all this past week, no one was really expecting me to show up, but I’m glad I got it over with. As noted above, I felt great this morning, but felt like ass this afternoon … don’t think it was the heat, but my legs were definitely tight after the slightly harder effort this morning.

And since there was a 3-hour break between the morning and afternoon commutes, and considering how vastly different I felt on the bike between the two, I’m considering it two rides.

Deal with it.

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  1. A little smack talk. Gotta like that.

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