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A quick recap

Friday – Airport, then Citris Grill for yummy miso beef salad.

Saturday – Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah, then Oasis Cafe … then a homecooked meal of chicken, sautéed in olive oil and garam masala spice, with feta, hazelnut and butternut squash ravioli, accompanied by spring greens salad with a homemade vinaigrette.

Sunday – Red Butte Gardens, then and egg, prosciutto and fontina cheese brunch at Caffe Niche, followed by more Red Butte Gardens, then brats and beer and tequila and good company at the A-Train’s.

Monday – Worked in the morning until 12:30, then lunch at Lone Star Tacqueria, home for mid-afternoon digestion, then a tour of the Temple Grounds and the LDS Conference Center (fascinating, even for us heathens). Then a little couch time with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.

Tuesday – Slept in, then a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon for an attempted hike to Cecret Lake, walked a couple miles from the resort to the campgrounds, but couldn’t find the trail to the lake itself under the snow, a mountainside luncheon of prosciutto and provolone on crusty La Brea whole grain bread … then Porcupine Pub & Grill for a couple of beers and ahi tuna spring rolls, then home for a nap. Planning honey and ginger soy chicken (not sure if grilled or sautéed), with wild rice and spring greens for dinner.

All and all … a good week thus far.

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  1. Uhm, I must have missed the call when you headed down to Porcupine! Hi to your guest. Sounds as though things are going well. Yay!

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