2009 Ride #23

View Larger Map Headed out today planning a normal Wasatch Loop, but legs and lungs felt okay by the time I hit the mouth of Emigration, so I decided to continue on, planning first to turn around at Sun & Moon, then at the first switchback … but despite having to stop a couple times […]

Quote of the Day

“You have something in yourself that is fundamentally, basically good. It transcends the notion of good or bad. Something that is worthwhile, wholesome, and healthy exists in all of us … Such goodness is synonymous with bravery. It is always there. Whenever you see a bright and beautiful color, you are witnessing your own inherent […]

2009 Rides #21/22

Felt great this morning … View Larger Map … felt like ass this afternoon. View Larger Map Was getting ready for a ride today when my computer started beeping at me, reminding me that I had to go into work today for a training … a situation I was not happy about, but decided to […]

Monavie-Cannondale goin’ big-time

Nice to see the Beagle, Slohran and the boys (and girl) getting some press … keep doing Utah proud! Monavie-Cannondale keeps busy – VeloNews The Utah-based Monavie-Cannondale professional mountain bike team is prepping for a busy July racing schedule chock-full of single- and multi-day cross-country races. Topping the list is USA Cycling’s marathon national championships […]

Poetry Friday

ELEGY V In summer’s heat, and mid-time of the day, To rest my limbs upon a bed I lay; One window shut, the other open stood, Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood, Like twilight glimpse at setting of the sun, Or night being past, and yet not day begun. Such light to […]

2009 Ride #20

View Larger Map Standard loop, a couple breathing problems climbing up to the zoo, but felt pretty good beyond that. Only real problem is that summer seems to have hit the 801 in full force … going from mid-70s earlier this week, to mid-90s today. Heat, especially rapid heat, is not something I do so […]