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4313_83957059412_722094412_1714025_7536644_nLegs felt good today, lungs and heart rate less so … had to hit the inhaler a couple of times, and my pulse never once dropped below 135; most of the time it was hovering around 160; and really the only thing that really brought it down that low was the lower pulse when resting and descending.

On the other hand, you just never really know what you’re going to see when out for a ride. Heading up Emigration, I saw this bike … had to stop and take a pictures. Realized after I passed Ruth’s Diner that I dropped my wallet. Rolled back down the canyon until I found it, on the ground by the, then climbed back up to Ruth’s before my lungs said “No mas! No mas!” just like Roberto Durán. I need more consistency in my riding to be able to push through the asthma attacks.

Dropped back to the zoo, and headed back along Wasatch to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, then dropped the Old Mill back into Cotton Bottom and headed for home …