Sometimes rules really suck

Three riders got DQed in the Pro/1/2 race at the Sugarhouse Criterium today. Why? Because the Husla was standing on the side of the course handing out dollar bills to anyone who could grab them as they rode by.

The rule under which they were DQed is 3D6. “Feeding is not allowed unless specifically authorized by the Chief Referee.” Fox wasn’t feeding; he was giving away a crowd prime. The rule does not specifically say “no hand-ups” …

Yes, I understand the safety concerns.

Yes, I understand that the hand-ups were probably not the smartest thing for Fox to do, nor was it the smartest thing for riders to go after them.

However, as a licensed USCF official (albeit a Cat C official), my interpretation of the rulebook is that there is no specific rule against grabbing a spectator prime. As such, I think the riders involved would have been better served with a warning rather than disqualification … or at most, relegation, and had I been one of the officials working the race today, I would have argued that point with the Chief Ref.

So … in any case, I think the riders who were DQed today got screwed.


  1. And reason #984789734598 why CX is my main sport of choice for officiating … the only other races I’m working are hill climbs.

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