2009 Ride #16

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Not sure why I don’t listen to myself. I told myself that I wouldn’t attempt Emigration again on Sunday after Saturday’s aborted attempt. Sunday was supposed to be about spinning easy for a fair amount of distance trying to loosen up the legs, which still felt tight.

But no … started spinning, and the legs felt okay; figured I’d head up to the zoo and do Wasatch. Got to zoo, and instead of turning right and heading back south, I just kept going forward … first to Ruth’s Diner, then to the Sun & Moon, and finally to the hairpins. While my legs felt okay, my asthmas was acting up and my lungs were searing. Kept having to stop and catch my breath; even had to hit the inhaler a couple of times.

I should have turned around several times, but I just kept pushing on to the hairpins before I finally admitted that I shouldn’t be doing this to myself. Turned around, bombed back down the canyon, and headed for home.

Adding insult to injury? I forgot sunscreen, so now I’m sunburnt; although thankfully not as bad as it could have been … it doesn’t hurt, but I’m itching like crazy.