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Goodbye Huntsman, Hello Herbert

First from KUTV 2 (CBS):

Governor Huntsman May Accept Post As Ambassador

KUTV 2News has confirmed through multiple sources that Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. may resign and accept the position of Ambassador to China in the Obama Administration. We hear the official announcement may come as early as Saturday. Governor Huntsman served as Ambassador to Singapore under President George H. W. Bush. Stay tuned to 2News and for more information.

and then from KTVX 4 (ABC):

Governor Huntsman to resign and accept Obama appointment – ABC

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC  4 News) – Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will resign and accept an appointment as ambassador to China, ABC 4 has confirmed.

A press conference has been called for Saturday morning at the White House to annouce the appointment.

The appointment will most likely mean that Gary Herbert will become Utah’s next governor. Since Huntsman has only served a few months into his second term, a special election will most likely be called in 2010.

The U.S. Senate will have to confirm the appointment.

Damnit! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity FUCK!

I know this will be great for Huntsman’s career, especially for his future national aspirations; but this is going to be bad for Utah. I don’t see Gary Herbert carrying on Huntsman’s vision, and it now becomes increasingly possible that many of the reforms that Huntsman has brought about in Utah will be able to be rolled back in the next couple of years.

President Obama … why are you taking Utah’s best politician in decades away from us?

3 Comments on "Goodbye Huntsman, Hello Herbert"

  1. you know I was all set to hate him when he got elected. Golden boy who has never had a real job, using Daddy’s money and connections to get appointments off limits to “common folks”, blah blah blah. But damn if he didn’t do a good job as Gov. Sorry to see him turn his back on the people who put him in office to further his own agenda. He should fit in just fine on The Hope and Change Train

  2. I’ll echo your sentiments: Damnit! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity FUCK!

    I saw such hope for Utah with Huntsman as governor. We actually started to seem like a *normal* state.

  3. I completely agree! Huntsman will be missed, and Herbert is going to be a train wreck for all but the most conservative Utahns. We just started a Draft Peter Corroon for Governor group here:

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