2009 Ride #14

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Emigration Canyon for the second time of the season; generally felt a little better than the last time I climbed it, but had to hit the inhaler a couple of times on the climb.

Dropped back down the canyon, and then down 13th East to make a stop at Liberty Heights Fresh for a banana (except they didn’t have any) and to refill water (except they didn’t have any, except bubbly water) … so I had some S.Pellegrino Limonata and a couple Italian rolls. Then back down 11th East to Highland to home.

One Reply to “2009 Ride #14

  1. Sorry, but have you thought about riding more short routs, and doing them more often.

    like a small 4-5-10 mile run and do it on your off days. Only take 2 or 3 days off per week, but it reminds you body to be fit. and also keeps the Metabolisum up.

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