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I hurt. Mostly in a good way, but a little in a not so good way … from the chest down, it’s good. Knees and legs are in pretty good shape; a little sore but not bad. My right shoulder, right wrist and neck are a little worse off. I’ll be hitting the ibuprofen pretty hard this evening.

Rode down 9th East to 7th East to Draper up to the Point of the Mountain, then dropped below the prison in to Bluffdale, then back up 13th West through Riverton and South Jordan into Murray, then back east towards home on 48th South. A little over 39 miles; longest ride of the season thus far … and not as flat as I remembered.

Oh sure, I knew there’d be a climb up to the point on Minuteman from Draper, and then the climb out of Bluffdale up to 13th West, but there were some other kickers that I forgot about in the 3-4 years it’s been since I’ve done this loop.

Lungs felt pretty good until the climb out of Bluffdale to 13th East. I think that’s when my HR spiked up to 184, and I had to stop for a minute or so to get everything back under control.

As the Rev says, “Chamois time is training time …”