2009 Ride #8 (semi-recovery)

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The miracle that just might be the Flahute’s “comeback” continues.

Legs still sore from yesterday, but still felt the need to get out there and turn my legs over a few times. Down Holladay Blvd., into Cottom Bottom, then up past the Old Mill to Wasatch. Wasatch to 33rd South to 20th East through Millcreek Township back home to Holladay.

Was supposed to be a recovery ride of sorts, but I couldn’t stop myself from climbing up to Wasatch, and once up on Wasatch, I had to ride north, right?

Thought I saw T-bird again, heading south on Wasatch, but it looked like the Bissell rider I saw was was on a Specialized instead of a Pinarello, so I’m not sure now. Matters not, I suppose. I’m out there riding again, which is what counts.

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  1. that was tbird on a specialized, he crashed last week into a wall and broke the pinarello frame, waiting for a new one.

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